Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Brochure

Water is vital to Life! Over 70% of our body is made of water. Being hydrated is critically important to our health, well-being, and for proper maintenance & function of our body's most vital systems.

Our advanced line of Water Purification Systems are easy to use, install, and offer total protection against a wide variety of contaminants. Now you can have chemical free, crystal clear water for your entire home. Whether it be for your whole house, a single point of use, your shower, etc., we offer a water purification system to fit your families personal needs.

  • Our Water Purification Systems also offer the following benefits:
    • Food & Drinks Taste Better
    • Purified Shower Water for Your Skin
    • Soft & Bright Laundry
    • Extends the life of your Hot Water Heater, Dishwasher, tableware, Washing Machine, clothes, Ice-Maker, and Plumbing

You’ll notice and taste the difference in your water immediately!

Six Stage Whole Home Water Purification System

Ultra-Tech 6-Stage Water Treatment and Softener System for Your Entire Home.

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  • STAGES 1 & 2: Our proprietary blend of carbon effectively removes chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds, herbicides, heavy metals, and eliminates bad taste & odors.
  • STAGE 3: DS Composite™ prevents scale giving your water a softer feel.
  • STAGE 4: NSF Certified KDF55 filtration media controls bacteria, algae and fungi even in hot water. Reduces chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.
  • STAGE 5: High density garnet bed is designed to remove any remaining carbon fines and sediment.
  • STAGE 6: Breakthrough magnetic field technology reverses the hard water condition and replicates soft water behavior without the use of salt or electricity. It maintains a balanced pH level, while leaving the vital minerals that are necessary for better health.
    1. Spotting is reduced.
    2. Hair becomes silkier
    3. Skin feels softer
    4. Reduces scaling on pipes and appliances.

    Point-of-Use Water Purification Systems

    Choose Either an Under Counter or Above Counter Purification System

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    Our Point-of-Use Water Purification Systems come in three different sizes, which include either a 10" 2 Stage, 15" 3 Stage, or 20" 4 Stage Water Purification filter in order to fit your families specific needs. The breakdown of our water purification filters is as follows:

    • STAGE 1 - Our unique NSF certified 0.2 Sub-Micron Silver Impregnated Ceramic removes:

      • 100% Cryptosporidium (Bacteria)

      • 100% Giardia Lamblia Cysts (Bacteria)

      • 99% E coli (Bacteria)

      • 99% Salmonella (Bacteria)

      • And it will STOP any particles that are 500 times smaller than a strand of human hair.

    • STAGE 2 - The custom blended inner core of activated carbon block and special advanced resins removes or reduces:

      • 100% Bad taste

      • 99% THM’s

      • 98.7% Pesticides

      • 99% Chlorine

      • 100% Bad odors

      • 97.3% Herbicides

      • 99% Chloroform

      • 96.2% Mercury

      • 98% Cadmium

      • 100% Bad color

      • 96.2% Lead

      • 96.4% VOC’s

      • Fluoride

      • Arsenic

      • Sulfides

      • MTBE & BTEX (petroleum and crude oil byproducts)

      • And many more!

    • STAGE 3 - A compressed coconut carbon specifically designed to remove any possible remaining contaminants.

    • STAGE 4 - An inner core of activated carbon block and special advanced resins that insures a more complete removal of Arsenic and Fluoride

    5-Stage Stainless Steel Shower Filter

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    Showering and bathing in tap water is equivalent to consuming as much as a half-gallon of chlorinated water each day. When bathing and showering chlorine is absorbed by both skin absorption (water touching your bare skin) and inhalation (chlorine gas in the steam from hot water). Our Shower Filter protects you from chlorine absorption and other contaminants by using our 4 stage filter:

    • STAGES 1: KDF reduces or removes chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and bacteria from the water.

    • STAGE 2: Carico DS Composite prevents scale giving the water a softer feel.

    • STAGES 3 & 4: Carico's unique carbon foam blocks reduce chlorine, gases, and chloramines

    • STAGE 5: Incorporates breakthrough magnetic field technology that reverses the hard water condition and replicates soft water behavior.

    YOUR SKIN - Your skin breathes and absorbs much of what it comes in contact with. It’s your largest and most important organ. It’s your body’s first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and life threatening contaminants. Heavily chlorinated water is suspect in skin cancer.

    YOUR HAIR - Regular exposure to chlorine can cause damage to your as its byproducts strip away the natural hair and skin oils that protect your hair from drying and splitting.

    YOUR LUNGS - When you take a shower, the heat opens up your pores and your skin absorbs chlorine from both the water and the steam. Some people with breathing problems find that the heated air in the shower makes their breathing problems worse.