Counter Top & Under Counter Water Purification Systems

Nutri-Tech the World’s Most Advanced Point of Use Water Purification System. Designed to provide you with the purest water available for rinsing fruits and vegetables, cooking and drinking.

Water is vital to life. Over 70% of out body is made of water, all body functions depend on it, and drinking water and being hydrated with purified water is critical to health and well-being. Dehydration can contribute to; headaches, dizziness, being tired, loss of concentration, hypertension, weight gain, kidney failure, constipation, muscle cramps and body aches and pains. In many cases you’re not sick. Your body is just thirsty for clean, pure water.

Most people are aware of the health hazards with tap water, and bottled water (served in environmentally unfriendly plastic) is of questionable quality. In fact, most filtered water process involves plastic. Only our water purification systems exceeds NSF/ASI Standards, and we are the only company that purifies water in SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL.

  • Saves the Planet: 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day – a total of about 22 billion last year.

  • Saves Money: Americans BUY more than 38 billion bottles of water every year. $1100 per year, per person on average.

Three Stage Water Purification System

STAGE 1: Our unique NSF certified 0.2 Sub-Micron Silver Impregnated Ceramic removes:

  • 100% Cryptosporidium (Bacteria)

  • 100% Giardia Lamblia Cysts (Bacteria)

  • 99% E coli (Bacteria)

  • 99% Salmonella (Bacteria)

  • And it will STOP any particles that are 500 times smaller than a strand of human hair.

STAGE 2: The custom blended inner core of activated carbon block and special advances resins removes or reduces;

  • 100% Bad taste

  • 99% THM’s

  • 98.7% Pesticides

  • 99% Chlorine

  • 100% Bad odors

  • 97.3% Herbicides

  • 99% Chloroform

  • 96.2% Mercury

  • 98% Cadmium

  • 100% Bad color

  • 96.2% Lead

  • 96.4% VOC’s

  • Fluoride

  • Arsenic

  • Sulfides

  • MTBE & BTEX (petroleum and crude oil byproducts)

  • And many more!


  • A special compressed coconut carbon designed to remove any possible remaining contaminants.

  • NOTE: To insure a more complete removal of arsenic and fluoride we recommend the 20" Full-Spectrum Cartridge.

Exclusive Features

  • Convenient, Economical, Total Protection!

  • Exclusive Surgical Stainless Steel Canister

  • Exclusive Full-Spectrum 3-Stage Ceramic Carbon Block

  • High-Capacity Cartridge

  • Pure water with optimal pH balance

  • NSF/ANSI Certified

  • Tested and Used Worldwide

  • Saves Money and Pays for Itself

  • 36 years’ experience in water purification

  • Installs in 20 minutes

  • Made in the USA

How To Clean & Replace A Dirty Water Cartridge

Counter top or under counter models

  • Item# FILCAPE.199 10″ Ceramic Cartridge (2 Stages) - replace 1 year

  • Item# FILCART.219 15″ Ceramic Cartridge (3 Stages) - replace 1.5 years

  • Item# FILCAPL.279  20″ Ceramic Cartridge (3 Stages) - replace 2 years

Under counter:

  • Item# FILNUUU1.769 – 10″ Stainless Steel; weight: 8 lbs.

  • Item# FILNUTU.1099 – 15″ Nutri-Tech “Standard”; weight: 10 lbs.

  • Item# FILNUPU.1299 – 20″ Nutri-Tech “Plus”; weight: 20 lbs.


  • Item# FILNUUC1.749 – 10″ Stainless Steel; weight: 6 lbs.

  • Item# FILNUTR.1039 – 15″ Nutri-Tech “Standard”; weight: 8 lbs.

  • Item# FILNUPC.1199 – 20″ Nutri-Tech “Plus”; weight: 18 lbs.

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